How are our 100% natural dog chews made?

Moo dog chews are made here in the foothills of Rockies in the beautiful state of Colorado. We buy all our ingredients locally but we don't have to make many trips to the store because we only use two ingredients: milk and apple cider vinegar!

So how do we make our chews? First we bring the milk to room temperature and put them in a large boiler. We slowly heat the milk while continuously stirring. It's critical to stir continuously so as to avoid scorching the milk. Once the milk comes to a boil, we add apple cider vinegar. Timing is crucial; over-boiling results in brittle chews and under-boiling results in chews that don't stick well.

We then let the milk, vinegar soup to sit and cool down. We take the milk extracts and put it in steel press. We carefully grind down the extracts to a fine powder so as to not leave any air pocket. We then press it under a lot of pressure for 12 hours. After 12 hours, we take the block out of the press and let it air dry for some time. We then finally cut the chews into desired shapes and let it slowly dry at a precise humidity and temperature for over a month.

Finally we get Moo chews — the natural dog chews we love giving our dogs. Its a lot of work but I love doing it. I am the owner of Moo dog chews and I hand make all the dog chews myself. In next post we will add some pictures of intermediate steps to make it a little more interesting! :D

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