Missing dog found after 8 months!

On February 6, 2019, a stray dog was brought to dog rescue center in Oxford Hills, Maine. No one in their neighborhood had any idea where the dog came from. He was shy, timid and fearful. A massive social media campaign was started to identify the owners of the dog. His photos were posted on Facebook. People shared and commented.

Finally on the fifth day a call came in. The lady on the phone said she was watching over him when he slipped and took off. His name was found to be Keizer and guess where Keizer was from? From hundreds of miles away in Massachusetts. He had made it all the way to Maine! As soon as the rescue center's staff called Keizer by name his confidence soared and became a completely different dog.


Keizer after being found :)


Keizer's dad was drove from Massachusetts to receive him from the rescue center.


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